Easter Monday :: Week 2

It’s Easter Monday!  The first line of the Rend Collective song “Finally Free” keeps playing on repeat in my mind.

Your mercy rains from heaven

like confetti at a wedding

and I am celebrating

in the downpour.

These lyrics made me want to have confetti on Easter Sunday at our church.  I imagined throwing large handfuls of brightly colored sequins on folks as they entered the building.  Unfortunately, confetti is actually more expensive than one would think and the clean-up required would diminish the beauty of the Resurrection.  Well, it would for my heart anyways.  I like thinking about mercy as confetti, and knowing God isn’t put off by the mess it makes.

My pastor, Robert, and I settled on balloons for Neighborhood Church.  Several of us (special thanks to my dad, Holley, and Myles) blew up 150 balloons and scattered them over the front entryway of the church.  We wanted to surprise our adopted family with celebration.  Judging by the delighted squeals of the children as they arrived, it worked.

The Easter service began with several joyful songs before an invitation for everyone to crowd into the foyer outside our chapel.  Plastic champagne flutes filled with sparkling apple cider awaited.  We raised our glasses to Christ, “Our Redeemer, Our Hope, Our Everlasting Love.”  After this beautiful toast from our dear Charlie, the four-year olds and the sixty-year olds and everyone in-between clinked glasses exuberantly.  Brave Virginia then spoke out our grateful hearts to the God who makes all things new…and we were celebrating in the downpour.



May you find mercy as a cause for celebration on this Easter Monday.

May you know you are worth the mess of confetti.

May your soul cry out, “Finally Free.”




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