About Meredith



Steadfast in all things, Meredith Pace is a committed nurse, anthropologist, believer, and lover of books. Her embodiment of these roles and traits is as certain as the rising sun—or good BBQ in Memphis. 

Meredith spends her days caring for elementary students as a school nurse. She uses vacation days to conduct medical anthropology research. She spends her free time consuming books (indeed good writers, too much coffee, and pecan pie are among her weaknesses in life). And true of her at each moment are the silent prayers she offers to a listening God who cares for His people. 

Though a die-hard Memphian, Meredith enjoys travel. She adores the nuances of other cultures. This celebration of differences has led her to partner with local and international organizations that empower refugees through literacy, micro loans, mentoring, health programs and leadership training. 

Work, relationships, travel, and a keen addiction to books pushes her to write. See Meredith’s blog for an indication of how universal truths arise from everyday talk and experience.

Meredith is a founding member of Neighborhood Church in Midtown Memphis. She serves as a leader, teacher, and friend to many. She desires to see others know the steadfast love of Christ, the very thing that compels her life.

Alyssa Sloan Professor. Researcher. Intermittent blogger. Lover of Jesus.